About old

I’m the Digital Publishing Lead at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship where I work as a Digital Scholarship Specialist. I am also finishing my Ph.D. English at Emory University this May (2020). Previously I’ve graduated from a women’s college, worked for a non-profit, lived, studies, and worked in the U.K., and moved back to the U.S. to live, study, and work more. (Both countries fell apart shortly after, for which I blame myself.)

I have spent the last few years asking a lot of questions in a lot of different places. How does language work? How do we use it to write? More exactly — to make things? I see narratives everywhere, in art and movies, websites and that room in the British Museum where colonialist archaeologists have tried to legitimize the “relocation” of ancient Greek sculptures. I am interested in the spatial possibilities of digital and physical environments: how a person imagines a digital space when they interact with it, and how we create virtual realities in our own minds as we explore cultural spaces like museums.

User experience design is at the center of every project I undertake. I am passionate about making things, but those things only begin to have value to me when I know that someone somewhere is interacting with them.

I spend my free time exploring parks, gardens, and museums, buying books and old technology (rumor has it I’m writing one of my dissertation chapters on a 1930s restored Royal typewriter), and assembling Billy bookshelves from IKEA. I limit my computer time mostly to keep from adopting more dogs than my house will currently hold.